I’m Not Tired Yet!

Ralphie Mix has procrastination issues. Maybe it’s because my sons don’t mind bedtime so much, but I didn’t really “get” this book. It follows a predictable pattern: Ralphie gives excuse as to why he’s not tired, Mom comes in with some sort of silly animal-related make believe (caterpillar tickles, anyone?), and Ralphie declares that he’s much better, before starting the process all over again. I could have understood this as a cute way for parents to deal with bedtime procrastination, but then there was a part at the end where Ralphie tells his mom that he’s in trouble at school, and when she sits down to talk to him about it, he admits that he was “joking.” This not only seemed out of place in this story (I guess it was a last-ditch effort of Ralphie’s to get to stay up longer?), but my immediate thought was, “Wow, I don’t want my kids to think that lying about being in trouble is a joke; that’s actually quite serious!”

This book definitely won’t be making it onto our favorites shelf.


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