Echoes of Titanic

Echoes of TitanicEchoes of Titanic by Mindy Starns Clark
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This novel tells the paralleling stories of Adele — an aspiring businesswoman aboard the Titanic — and her workaholic great-granddaughter, Kelsey, who is trying to save her family’s business midst a series of tragic and suspicious circumstances. Throughout the stories, both women have to take a close look at the priorities in their lives, deal with guilt and regret, and find where Christ has a place in their lives.

I really enjoyed this novel. Though a good portion of the story is about trying to figure out how Kelsey can save her family’s investment firm, the business jargon was kept to a minimum, and when it was necessary to be included, it was explained well, so that even without any prior knowledge of these business aspects, it was easy to follow. The mystery and suspense in Kelsey’s story line dominated, and although I had my suspicions, the resolution wasn’t obvious, and thus the build-up still held my attention. There were a few red herrings that made it hard to figure out what was really going on, and I enjoyed trying to solve the mystery before Kelsey. There is a romantic plot line as well, which I thought was handled fairly well, and played into the main plot instead of overshadowing it. The parts on board the Titanic were focused more on the characters than the ship’s events, but again, this wove into the main story line very well. I liked how the ending wrapped everything up, leaving no loose ends, and in a way coming full circle so that the characters all had resolution.

A few things I would change… In typical mystery fashion, the author had to throw in there the all-too-cliche antagonist monologue in which the character at fault monologues about how everything was planned and how it panned out. The information was important, but the way it was presented was borderline cheesy. Also, some parts were a little too descriptive, particularly when the author feels she needs to describe the characters’ outfits… I’m pretty sure I knew what Kelsey, Adele, and Cole were wearing at every single point in the story, right down to Kelsey’s band-aids from where her heels had given her blisters the day before. A bit unnecessary, in my opinion. Overall, though, a great read!

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