Whispers in Autumn

Whispers in Autumn by Trisha Leigh

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Playing along is the best choice.  The Others have no reason to expect a fight, no reason to suspect someone like me exists.  People report the Broken, if that’s what I am.  The Others don’t spend much time considering humans any kind of threat.  They don’t spend much time considering us at all, as far as I can tell.

In this YA dystopian sci-fi, Althea knows she is different from everyone around her, and struggles to keep it a secret from humanity’s alien overlords.

Sure, dystopian societies have been done before; teens having supernatural powers have been done before, too; but put them together with an intriguing backstory involving aliens brainwashing our politicians to slowly create one united nation under their own rule?  Very interesting.  Add in a bit of strange time/space-travel in which the main character skips around to a new place each season, and you have an intriguing premise, and one that actually delivers.  I found myself interested in Althea’s story, curious about the Others (their alien overlords), and mystified by the other anomalies she encounters — people who aren’t quite like the other humans and don’t seem to be effected by the Others’ mind control.

This book does, however, have its downsides.  Though the romance is believable, it does get kind of cheesy-pie-cute with their constant teasing and hand-holding.  At one point, the love interest causes physical harm to another girl, which seemed really out of place with his otherwise playful, but gentle character.  And there’s a few coincidences that lack believably (highlight for spoiler: All four Elements fall in love with a human AND reproduce within the same year?  Not one of them realizes this may not be such a great idea?), but as far as YA dystopians go, it’s good to see that authors are still coming up with some unique ideas.

Overall:  A stand-out among other YA dystopian novels for its intriguing premise: alien overlords + supernatural powers = WIN!

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