BOOKS FOR BITTIES: Cozy Classics’ Pride and Prejudice

Fans of the classics will adore this new series by Jack and Holman Wang, who take classic literature, break it down into baby-sized bites (only one word per page!), and make the story come to life with their meticulously detailed felt figures.

A word of warning — it does require some background of the story to know what’s going on in the book.  Since the Pride and Prejudice one contains only a dozen words, in order for a parent to really share the story with their child, they’d have to fill in some of the gaps for their kids as to who these characters are and how each page connects to the other.  This is actually a very good thing for pre-readers developing their skills.  Instead of merely memorizing words in a book, they’re forced to recall what actually happens and the content and plot of the story for themselves, aiding in the development of reading comprehension later on.

These would be a perfect baby shower gift for parents of future literature fanatics, perhaps paired with a soft, cozy baby blanket or a nice hardcover of the classic itself with a personal inscription for Baby as he or she gets older.

Other Cozy Classics:

Thanks to the publisher for providing me with a review copy of this book!


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