Weekend Ramblings: Book Review Policy

Though most of the books that I review are ones that I request myself from publishers, sites like Netgalley.com, and the good ole’ public library, I am open to review requests from authors and publishers.  Be warned, however, that I do tend to be picky about what I select to read.  I try to only choose books that there’s a high likelihood I will enjoy, as I LOVE authors and admire the work they do, and would much prefer to be able to give them positive reviews than brutally honest, not-so-flattering ones.  To make this process easier for everyone, here’s some basic guidelines to consider:

My favorite fiction genres are YA, historical fiction, Christian fiction, and classic literature.

I will consider most other genres, especially if they’re cross-overs into my preferred genres — i.e. Christian romance, historical romance, contemporary-retelling-of-a-classic-novel romance, YA sci-fi or fantasy, etc.  In the thriller/horror genre, I prefer psychological thrillers over guts-and-gore slashers.

I do NOT read erotica, nor am I likely to read romance/chick lit novel (unless it’s a crossover genre — see above).  I prefer not to read books that have gratuitous vulgarity, sexuality, or violence — I can overlook “Rated-R” content if the story is good enough, but “NC-17” content (or overuse of vulgarity) is among the top reasons why I’ll refuse to finish a book.

In nonfiction, I enjoy historical memoirs, Christian nonfiction, and books on parenting or education, but will consider other topics as well.

Most children’s books I review are ones that I can read aloud to my own children, ages 3 and 1.  I will consider other picture books or middle-grade books as well.

Print copies or .epubs are preferred.  PDF files may also be acceptable, assuming it is well-formatted (I’ve had some issues in the past with these).
For children’s books, I only accept paper copies.

My rating system:
I tend to rate books using a modified version of Goodreads.com’s system.

  • 1 star = I did not enjoy this book and would not recommend it.
  • 2 stars = It was okay.  Some people may enjoy these ones, but I was disappointed in them.
  • 3 stars = I liked it.  These are books that can read to pass the time, but they aren’t anything extraordinary that I’m going to tell all my friends about.
  • 4 stars = I really liked it.  These are books that I enjoyed reading and may pass on to certain friends whom I think might like them.
  • 5 stars = Amazing.  These are books that I would recommend to anyone, that I would re-read once a year, that I think should be required reading, that I’d consider an all-time favorite, and that I will be first in line to buy the author’s next book.  As you may have guessed, these are few and far between.

Review time frame:
After receiving a book, I will generally try to have it read and reviewed within a month.  If it is an ARC, I will generally post a “teaser” when I finish the book, and a full review 1-2 weeks prior to its release date.  Exceptions can be made (as in the case of book tours) on a individual basis.

I will post my review here and on Goodreads.com.  If you would like the review also to appear on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or other retailer sites, that can be requested.

Contact me: 
To request an honest review, please email me a short summary of your book at excellentlibrary@gmail.com

— This policy will also be made available under the “About Me” tab.–


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