Weekend Ramblings: Most Anticipated Books of 2013

Most Anticipated Adult Fiction:

Z: A NOVEL OF ZELDA FITZGERALD by Therese Anne Fowler (Mar 26)

I’ve always had a fascination with the roaring 20s and the Fitzgeralds are the epitome of that era.  I’m looking forward to reading this biographical fiction about the beautiful, scandalous, intense woman whose relationship with F. Scott inspired some of his most famous writings.

While waiting, be sure to check out these books by the Fitzgeralds, loosely based on their own lives:
Tender is the Night Save Me the Waltz

Other notable adult fiction coming out this year:
The Thief of Auschwitz So Shines the Night Sherlock Holmes and the Needle's Eye The Shining Girls


Most Anticipated YA Fiction:

UNSOULED by Neal Shusterman (Oct 15)

The third book in the incredible Unwind trilogy — a series that has just had its film rights acquired by Constantin — this book is one that I’ve been looking forward to since I heard Shusterman was writing a second and third book to complete the story begun in one of my favorite novels.  In this not-too-distant future, parents are able to ‘unwind’ unwanted teens and use their organs to ‘cure’ others.

Check out my reviews for Unwind and UnWholly.

While waiting, be sure to check out these similar reads:
Everlost The House of the Scorpion

Other notable YA books coming this year:
Level 2 Shades of Earth Etiquette & Espionage The Madness Underneath Requiem Light


Most Anticipated Nonfiction:

The Essential Homebirth GuideTHE ESSENTIAL HOMEBIRTH GUIDE: FOR FAMILIES PLANNING OR CONSIDERING BIRTHING AT HOME by Jane E. Drichta, Jodilyn Owen, Christiane Northrup (Feb 12)

Both of my children were born at home, so I’m a big advocate of homebirthing.  I had the opportunity to review an ARC of this book and really appreciated the readability of the information, the thoroughness of research, and the wide scope of topics in this book, which make this an excellent resource for any pregnancy, regardless of where a woman will be birthing.

Check out my full review HERE.

While waiting, be sure to check out these similar reads:
The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth The Birth Book

Other notable nonfiction coming this year:
The Secrets of an Organized Mom Moms Raising Sons to be Men


What new books are you looking forward to this year?


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