Gravity by Melissa West

3 of 5 stars

Ari is shocked to learn that her classmates is one of the Ancients — an alien race — and that he needs her help in order to prevent a war between the two races.

“Ready or not, what you’re about to see may change the way you think.”

“The way I think about what?” I ask.


One thing I love about YA dystopians are the unique worlds that are presented to the reader.  In this one, for instance, after World War IV, an alien race has been called upon to help re-terraform earth, in exchange for essential nutrients from humans which would allow them to coexist on our planet.  Add into that a tough heroine who excels in her top-notch combat training classes, and you have the recipe for a really awesome story.  This one contained a couple of really great twists and spins that — while not entirely unpredictable — kept the plot moving quickly and held my interest.

I’ll admit, though, it took me awhile to figure out which side I was supposed to be rooting for, and it bothered me that Ari was so easily convinced. This book would not be for the weak-stomached, either, as there’s quite a bit of fighting, blood, and gore.  Also, this is by no means a stand-alone book; it’s one of those first-novel-in-a-series in which one battle is won, but the war has just begun.  Fortunately, we only have to wait until August for the second book, Hover

Hover (The Taking, #2)

 A fast-paced dystopian sci-fi full of twists and turns.

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