BOOKS FOR BITTIES: Bible Stories that End with a Hug!

Bible stories that end with a hug

Jesus said not to worry about things we need because God will supply them.  God knows what we need before we even ask!  You can trust God to take care of your needs.

For families that love to give hugs and share God’s Word, here comes a cheerful collection of Bible stories that encourage kids to dig deeper into the stories that may already be familiar with and see what God has to say to them personally.

Each page features a Bible story — some familiar, like the Creation or David and Goliath; some perhaps not, like Deborah, Jabez, or Dorcas.  In a simple question-response format, parents and children can look at these stories to see what lesson they can teach us about God and our lives here on earth.

This book is perhaps a bit perplexing in that the illustrations are very fluffy and cute, the stories are told in an incredibly simple summarizations, and there is a separate “hug time!” encouragement for embrace on each page that would suggest a younger readership.  However, the lessons which they strive to teach are at times quite abstract (such as when the Christmas story points out that Jesus was anointed and appointed as our Messiah).

I was also disappointed that the stories skipped from the last supper directly to Easter Sunday, without a separate story for Good Friday.  Adam and Eve’s fall into sin was skipped over as well, which led me to believe this is perhaps a somewhat sugar-coated retelling of Bible stories.

Christians should also be aware of some decision-theology terminology, particularly within the story of John the Baptist.


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