Weekend Ramblings: Tea + Book Pairings

Often, I’m inspired by things I read on other blogs.  This week, post that caught my interest was Epic Reads’ “15 Perfect Tea and Book Pairings.”  What could be more awesome than grouping together the perfect cup of tea for each YA book they listed (including TIGER LILY + Immortal Nectar tea, THE SELECTION + Royal Wedding tea, and FATEFUL + RMS Titanic Blend tea)

The concept inspired me to pull out my teaboxes and sift through to find what I’d find to be appropriate pairings for some of the YA books and teas that Epic Reads didn’t include.

A LONG, LONG SLEEP + Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Vanilla
This soothing tea always helps me feel nice and cozy before bed; it’d be perfect for Rose, who in this story sleeps for over sixty years straight.


+ Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice

This tea would fit well with Althea’s character, who discovers she has a strange power over fire.  The fiery cinnamon flavor always reminds me of autumn.


PLAGUE (GONE #4) + Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat
Something about all of the coughing in this book always made the back of my own throat itchy; though it might not prevent the plague from spreading, I’m sure the FAYZ kids would have appreciated some of this soothing tea.


GATHERING BLUE (THE GIVER #2) + Tazo Berryblossom White
As Kira learns about plants searches for the blue flowers that would create the dyes she needs, the reader can enjoy this aromatic tea.


THE NAME OF THE STAR + Harney & Sons Tower of London Blend
As the first book in the Shades of London series, I went for the obvious tea pairing for this book.


ENTWINED + Harney & Sons Palace Gardens Chamomile
Perhaps if the twelve dancing princesses had stayed in their palace gardens drinking chamomile, they’d have slept better and wouldn’t have gotten themselves into such a mess.


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2 responses to “Weekend Ramblings: Tea + Book Pairings”

  1. Alyssa says :

    I LOVED the post over at Epic Reads and honestly I just want to own all of the tea!! This was a great list, what did you think of Entwined? I read it last year and LOVED it. I still have to read The Name of The Star.

    • WNK says :

      I REALLY liked Entwined. It’s my favorite fairy tale retelling that I’ve read thus far. I think it really did justice to the original tale and added to it in a way that made you really connect with the characters.

      The second Shades of London (The Name of the Star series) is coming out soon; I liked the first one, but I’m nervous about the second since TNOTS was one of those books where the surprises and twists make it interesting, but now I feel like we know the secrets and it makes me wonder where the story’s going to go

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