Weekend Ramblings: Superior Sequels

This week, Huffington Post featured an article by Dave Astor about Why Sequels are Sometimes Superior.  This struck a chord with me, considering that this week I’ve read two subsequent books that I enjoyed more than the originals.  Aside from Everbound and Shades of Earth, here are a few more superior sequels that I enjoyed more than the first books.

The Legend of the Great Horse trilogy

Into the Dark (#3) by John Royce, Jr.

Superior to: Eclipsed by Shadow (#1) & The Golden Spark (#2)

The Legend of the Great Horse trilogy was a series that got better with time.  What started out as a fairly simplistic time travel story focused around the history of horses gained more depth as the story progressed.  The main character matured a lot through the series, and the relationships she developed in the later stories made the latter books more interesting.


The Avenue of Dreams series

The Dilemma of Charlotte Farrow (#2) by Olivia Newport

Superior to: The Pursuit of Lucy Banning (#1)

I much preferred Charlotte’s character over Lucy’s in this series, and was more emotionally invested in Charlotte’s conflict.  What’s more, though both books take place during the Chicago World’s Fair, only the second really gives the reader a glimpse at the fair itself and what it was like to be in attendance.


The Swipe series

Sneak (#2) by Evan Angler

Superior to Swipe (#1)

Whereas the first book spent a lot of time setting up the concept of the dystopian world, the second book finally revealed some interesting characters and sent them into dangerous territory, instead of just reading about them sitting around trying to figure stuff out.


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