Weekend Ramblings: Classics Retold Reminder (Moby Dick)


For the next six weeks, I’ll be posting a Classics Retold sign-up reminder featuring one classic story from the American/Misc Classics category which you can sign up to feature on your blog.  The sign up sheet is located on the CLASSICS RETOLD tab on the top of the page, along with full details and links to the other co-hosts’ sign-up pages.

This week’s feature classic:
MOBY DICK by Herman Melville

On a previous voyage, a mysterious white whale had ripped off the leg of a sea captain named Ahab. Now the crew of the Pequod, on a pursuit that features constant adventure and horrendous mishaps, must follow the mad Ahab into the abyss to satisfy his unslakeable thirst for vengeance. (Goodreads)

Moby Dick

Novel re-tellings, adaptations, modernizations, and books that reference this classic include:

 . Moby Clique Snow Whale In the Heart of the Ssea .

Ahab's Wife Railsea Moby Dick cozy.

Green Shadows White Whale Saving Moby Dick Pirates in an Adventure.

. In Search of Moby Dick White as the Waves .

Any more come to mind?  Please help out by posting them in the comments!


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2 responses to “Weekend Ramblings: Classics Retold Reminder (Moby Dick)”

  1. picturemereading says :

    I love how you formatted this!

    • WNK says :

      Thanks! I’ve planned a different American/Misc classic to feature each week during the sign-up period… hoping to get more people to commit to covering these awesome stories and retellings!

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