Weekend Ramblings: Classics Retold Reminder (Rip Van Winkle)


For the next five weeks, I’ll be posting a Classics Retold sign-up reminder featuring one classic story from the American/Misc Classics category which you can sign up to feature on your blog.  The sign up sheet is located on the CLASSICS RETOLD tab on the top of the page, along with full details and links to the other co-hosts’ sign-up pages.

This week’s feature classic:
RIP VAN WINKLE by Washington Irving

One autumn day, Rip Van Winkle wandered into the hills, and his life was never the same again. After encountering a group of mysterious men, he took a nap so long that upon waking, he found his gun rusty and his beard grown a foot long! Washington Irving’s classic tale of the man who slept for twenty years, first published in 1819. (Goodreads)

Rip van Winkle

Novel re-tellings, adaptations, modernizations, and books that reference this classic include:

 . Rip van Winkle's return Long Long Sleep Rip van Winkle.

Rip Across the Universe .

. .

Any more come to mind?  Please help out by posting them in the comments!


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3 responses to “Weekend Ramblings: Classics Retold Reminder (Rip Van Winkle)”

  1. picturemereading says :

    I want to read Across the Universe!

  2. Alice in Readerland says :

    I really loved A Long, Long Sleep! I thought it had really great character development, and I loved the statement the main character ended the book on! 🙂

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland

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