The Tutor’s Daughter


The Tutor’s Daughter by Julie Klassen

Pub: Jan 2013

3.5 of 5 stars

When Emma accompanies her father to a cliff-top manor to tutor two young students, she discovers that the boys’ family have been hiding secrets, some which may be dangerous for her to know.

God in heaven.  The tide was on its way in.  And with the wind rising and a storm brewing… it was far from save to be venturing out to Chapel of the Rock.  In fact, it was dashed dangerous…

Something was wrong about all this.  Very wrong.

I really enjoyed this Regency-era Christian historical fiction romantic mystery (that enough genres for you?).  The author mixed in elements of some of my favorite classics, such as Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice, and wove a mystery throughout it.  It was well-written in the same tone and style of most Regency-era novels.

However, the main character lacked the spunk of Elizabeth Bennett, the self-assurance of Emma Woodhouse, or the strong convictions of Jane Eyre; I found this Emma one of the least-interesting characters of the novel.  Also, although there were a handful of mysteries throughout the story, they didn’t present much of a challenge for me to figure out.

Overall: Christian fans of classic Regency-era novels might want to check out this book for a sweet, fluffy romance.

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One response to “The Tutor’s Daughter”

  1. picturemereading says :

    You had me at Jane Eyre!

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