Weekend Ramblings: Classics Retold Reminder (Tom Sawyer)


During the sign-up time, I’ll be posting a Classics Retold sign-up reminder featuring one classic story from the American/Misc Classics category which you can sign up to feature on your blog.  The sign up sheet is located on the CLASSICS RETOLD tab on the top of the page, along with full details and links to the other co-hosts’ sign-up pages.

This week’s feature classic:

This irresistible tale of the adventures of two friends growing up in frontier America is one of Mark Twain’s most popular novels. The farcical, colorful, and poignant escapades of Tom and his friend Huckleberry Finn brilliantly depict the humor and pathos of growing up on the geographic and cultural rim of nineteenth-century America. (Goodreads)

Tom Sawyer

Novel re-tellings, adaptations, modernizations, and books that reference this classic include:

 . TS Abroad TS Detective TS Indians.

TS Undead TS Wishbone TS Graphic .

. Black Fire New TS .

Any more come to mind?  Please help out by posting them in the comments!


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One response to “Weekend Ramblings: Classics Retold Reminder (Tom Sawyer)”

  1. Julia @ Ink & Paper World says :

    I’m not doing Tom Sawyer for my Classics Retold, but I’m definitely going to have to find Tom Sawyer and the Undead xD

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