Light by Michael Grant
Gone series #6

Pub: Apr 2013

4 of 5 stars

The children trapped in the FAYZ make one last stand against the gaiaphage and prepare themselves for the end of the barrier.

“I’m not losing you because you played fair.  You’re not getting killed.  You’re not dying.  This isn’t some doomed last mission.  Do you understand me?  This does not end with me crying and missing you every day for the rest of my life.  This ends with us walking out of this nightmare together.  You and me…”

The Gone series is one that I began back in January of last year, and one that has entertained, terrified, and kept me up late each time I picked up a new book.

This final book did not disappoint.  If anything, it exceeded my expectations, wrapping up the series nicely, tying up the loose ends, and giving readers ending that was filled with both sorrow and hope for the future.  Just when evil seemed to have the upper hand, sacrifices were made and unlikely heroes stepped up, providing an incredibly satisfying end to the FAYZ.  It’s great to see how the characters have grown and developed throughout the six books.

Heads up: As in previous books of the series, Light contains violence, gore, sexual content, swearing, and some of the most nightmare-inducing imagery ever.  It is not for the faint of heart.

Overall: A satisfying and appropriate ending to the series.

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