Weekend Ramblings: JUNE

May in Review:

Recommended reading (4 or 5 stars):

Honest Toddler Hero's Guide Hero's Guide to Storming.

SherlockHolmes Ephesians Great Gatsby .

.Light NightCircus One Year Book.

Total books read: 17

Nonfiction: 2 (2 religious)
Adult Fiction: 6
YA Fiction: 7
MG Fiction: 2

June Preview:

Check out the Upcoming Release Dates tab for the new titles coming this month.

NEW books I’ll be reviewing include:

Peregrine Harker & The Blac... You Look Different in Real ... The Testing (The Testing, #1) Rush (The Game, #1) Another Little Piece Far Far Away.

Other NEW books on my ‘to-read’ list include:

Upcoming Book Tours:

I’m reviewing two books this month for TLC Book Tours!  The first book is entitled “The Keeper of Secrets” by Julie Thomas.  My review will be featured on June 11 for this historical fiction tale of a missing WWII-era violin.  Then, on June 25, I’ll be featuring “Together Tea” by Marjan Kamali.

.The Keeper of Secrets Together Tea.

Classics Retold Project!
This September, Excellent Library will be joining The Cheap ReaderBooks Take You PlacesBookish Whimsy, and Book Addict’s Guide in hosting the a project which connects bloggers who want to read and review classic stories and their more modern re-tellings.  If you’re interested in more info, check out the Classics Retold tab above.


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