Weekend Ramblings: LIFE OF PI (movie review)

Life of Pi
Release date: Nov 2012
Based on: LIFE OF PI by Yann Martel

I was fairly impressed with this movie adaptation.  The cinematography was beautiful, and the story held fairly true to the novel.  My husband (who hadn’t read the book) described it as Castaway with a tiger instead of a volleyball.

The biggest differences in the film compared w/ the novel:

  • Man (or tiger) overboard!  Pi fell out of the boat a LOT in the movie, far more than in the book.  There was even a scene where the tiger falls out and Pi helps him back in, which most definitely was not in the book, but did somewhat help cement their codependent relationship.
  • Love interest?!  In the movie, Pi has a love interest in India.
  • No confrontation w/ the religious leaders.  In the book, there’s a great scene where all three religious leaders from Pi’s various places of worship show up to talk to him  at the same time, and end up having an argument with each other over the true religion.  This was cut out of the movie.

This was a really ambitious story to take on in movie form, and I was pleasantly surprised with how well it was done.  Obviously, you miss some elements, like how Pi applies his knowledge of animals in the wild and animals at the zoo in order to train the tiger.  Also, scene where Pi presents the insurance men with two stories about what happened on the boat is much clearer in the book.  If you watch it without having read the book, be aware, it’s not a fast-paced story.

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