BOOKS FOR BITTIES: Skippyjon Jones

Skippy Skippyjon Jones by Judy Schachner is the latest obsession of my kiddos (“Jimmy John Jones” to the preschooler and just “John” to the toddler).  This spunky kitty-boy who thinks he’s a Chihuahua goes on all sorts of imaginative adventures in his closet, which, depending on the day, might be ancient Egypt, a circus big top, or the surface of Mars (which, did you know, is red because it’s covered in chili powder?).  On his journeys, he takes on the persona of Skippito, the great Spanish swordfighter, and meets up with a crazy group of Chihuahuas who go by the name Los Chimichangos.

It’s cute, silly fun if you don’t mind the Dora-the-Explorer-like spattering of Spanish vocabulary (including a few made-up words where the author just adds “-ito” onto the end of an English word), and the illustrations are very well-done.


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