BOOKS FOR BITTIES: Cheetah Can’t Lose



Bob Shea, the author that brought us such all-time favorites as Dinosaur vs Bedtime and Big Plans has a new book out this year.  

Cheetah Can’t Lose is the story of a Cheetah and his two kitty friends, their annual “big race” (that Cheetah always wins) and how the silly kitties try to thwart Cheetah’s plan to win not only the “big race,” but all the races (including pie-eating and flower-hopping).  The kiddos, as usual, loved Shea’s bright, colorful illustrations and the fun back-and-forth dialogue of the over-confident Cheetah and his silly kitty friends.

Very cute, very fun, and although I might have preferred a slightly different ending, the kiddos still enjoy it and it’s one that I don’t mind reading once or twice (or fourteen) times a day.

Shea’s other books we’ve read and enjoyed:
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New this week:

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