Glitter & Doom


Glitter & Doom by Bethany Griffin
Masque of the Red Death #1.5

Pub: Mar 2013

2.5 of 5 stars

A novella that fills in some of the gaps that of what took place for April and Kent during The Masque of the Red Death.

“Be pretty… It’s the only thing that might protect you.”

Perhaps if I had read this sooner after I had read The Masque of the Red Death, it wouldn’t have taken me so long to become re-acquainted with the characters, but as it was, I had a hard time getting into the story.  The violence and torture in the first few pages certainly didn’t help matters.

Once I had re-oriented myself to Masque‘s world, though, I appreciated the tidbits of information and the insight into two of the ‘sidekick’ characters.  Since the entire thing took place within the time frame of the first novel, I’d assume that those skipping this and moving straight to the sequel would be filled in on important facts later, and wouldn’t really be missing a whole lot of the story.

ClassicsRetoldThough no bloggers will be covering Poe’s stories during the Classics Retold project in September, many will be finding retellings of other classic novels, including other 19th century novels as found at BookishWhimsy.

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