Warm Bodies


Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

Pub: 2010

4 of 5 stars

When R, a teenaged zombie, brings home a Living girl, Julie, he begins to change in ways that are very un-Dead-like.

I don’t have a name anymore.  Hardly any of us do.  We lose them like car keys, forget them like anniversaries.

As far as zombie books go, this one actually stands out, which, in our world oversaturated with paranormal romance, is really saying something.  The narrator’s voice — vivid, somewhat sarcastic, and sorrowful for all of life that he’s missing out on — is unique and pulls you in from the first pages.  Who knew that it would be so easy to sympathize with a zombie?

Zombie traditionalists may have issues with how the zombies are portrayed — most aren’t your typical arms-out-moaning/slow-moving genre, and the Boneys (the ones farthest gone) are a new terror that’s barely ‘zombie’ at all.

Heads up: I could have done without the frequent use of ‘colorful’ language; it was overall unnecessary.

Overall:  A post-apocalyptic Romeo & Juliet that’s not your typical paranormal romance.

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