Weekend Ramblings: WARM BODIES (movie review)


I was talked into watching this movie despite the fact that I hadn’t read the book yet.  I rarely EVER watch the movie before reading the book, but this one actually was decent enough that I’ll be willing to give the book a try.

The narration was kind of clever and witty, and the plot itself — a zombie falling in love with a normal, healthy girl and overcoming the zombie plague through the power of love — was a cute twist on the zombie tale.  The movie portrayed a typical YA post-apocalyptic world, and though the CGI “boneys” were a bit too “CGI” for my liking, the rest was well done.

In relation to the book, I’m kind of curious as to whether Julie’s grief for her late boyfriend is dealt with more in the novel; she comes off as a bit cold and uncaring in the movie.

Update after reading the novel

As usual, the novel is better than the movie (though I still find Julie’s relationship with her late boyfriend a bit weird).  Some of the more random aspects of the movie (like those two little kids featured in a couple scenes) make more sense having read the book, and I liked R’s method of entering the stadium/city better in the book than the movie.

The movie did seem to wrap up the loose ends a bit neater, but considering the book is going to be part of a series, I understand wanting to leave some things open to explore more in depth later.


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