Weekend Ramblings: Signs You’re in a YA Supernatural Romance

Inspired by the post “Signs You’re in a Love Triangle” at NovelIdeaReviews.com and my recent reading of Teardrop by Lauren Kate, I’ve put together a list of signs that you need to look out for (especially if you’re a teen girl) that will indicate if you’re in a supernatural romance.  This might indicate that you’re actually the offspring of some sort of supernatural or paranormal being*, or that you might be falling in love with one, but either way, watch out.  These things don’t tend to end well.

*examples of such beings include, but are not limited to: vampires, werewolves, angels, demons, demi-gods, mermaids, zombies, ghosts, fairies, or centaurs (though really, you’d think that one would be pretty obvious)


Keep track of your answers; scores will be tallied at the end.

Part I: Multiple Choice

  1. You were named:
    a) something pretty common, nothing special
    b) after a deceased relative
    c) something incredibly unique, which had special meaning to your parents
  2. Your parent(s):
    a) are still married, are pretty ordinary, and tend to get along pretty well with you and each other
    b) are divorced, distant, and/or just simply don’t ‘get’ you
    c) died or disappeared under inexplicable circumstances which everyone else chalked up to a freak accident
  3. People tend to describe you as:
    a) pretty normal
    b) “just like your mom” or “just like your dad”
    c) quiet, introverted, yet with some unique feature that seems to draw them in
  4. Your best female friend is:
    a) pretty much just like you
    b) loyal to a fault
    c) promiscuous, rebellious, and quirky
  5. Your best guy friend is:
    a) nonexistant… your close friends are all girls
    b) “just like a brother” to you
    c) really attractive (or nerdy, but cute), and has been acting really strangely lately, for no apparent reason.

Part II: True or False

6.  You live in a small town where everyone knows everyone, but you’ve never felt like you really belong there.  T / F

7.  You’ve just met a new guy who’s incredibly attractive and to whom you feel a compulsive, irresistible magnetism or electricity.  T / F

8.  A beloved family member has just left you a strange item or book and you have no idea what it is or why they gave it to you.  T / F
Beautiful Creatures 9

9.  Recently, you’ve felt like you’ve been followed, or have been unsettled by the presence of a mysterious band of people/creatures/magical entities.  T / F

10.  You’ve been in mortal danger more than twice in the last two weeks.  T / F

Part I –
Add no points for (a) answers.  Add 1 point for every (b), and 2 points for every (c).

Part II –
Add 2 points for every “true” response

0-4 points = You’re definitely not in a YA supernatural romance.  Get on with your life; there’s no need to worry about vampires or werewolves.

5-9 points = You’re probably not in a YA supernatural romance.  Sure, you might have some weird stuff going on in your life, but chances are, there’s nothing supernatural or romantic about it.

10-14 points = You just might be in a YA supernatural romance.  Or, it might just be a regular YA romance, or a YA dystopian romance.  Be on your guard against any sort of magical elements, though… and that new guy — he’s probably a jerk.

15-20 points = Brace yourself.  You’re in a YA supernatural romance.


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One response to “Weekend Ramblings: Signs You’re in a YA Supernatural Romance”

  1. thereadingpanda says :

    Well it’s good to know I’m not in a supernatural romance 😀 Great quiz!

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