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Undercurrent by Paul Blackwell

4 of 5 stars

After going over the local waterfall, Callum Harris wakes up in a world where everything is a warped version of itself, and everyone is treating him very strangely.

Maybe it’s that simple.  I’m crazy — or more like damaged.  I sank to the bottom of a raging river; I would have drowned, but the cold kept me alive, and now this is my brain fizzling and popping, making me believe in some imaginary other life.

The book summary promised it was good for fans of Neal Shusterman, and since he happens to be one of my favorite authors, I figured I’d give this one a try.

This quick read is exciting, intense, and somewhat mind-boggling, all things that I enjoy in a thriller.  The story plays out similarly to how I expected, but the strange situations that Callum finds himself in as he tries to figure out what has happened kept me guessing and flipping page after page.  The ending was satisfying, but I wouldn’t be opposed to a sequel, since there are still some loose ends that weren’t completely tied up.

Callum did seem a bit slow on the uptake as far as realizing that something strange was going on, though I suppose in a situation like that, you would try to come up with any other explanation.

Overall:  A gripping tale that will pull you under.

Reminds me of…
Crazy Dangerous Every Day Quarantine Full Tilt


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