Everlost by Neal Shusterman

Pub: 2006

5 of 5 stars

After a fatal car accident, Allie and Nick find themselves in Everlost, a world populated by children, stuck between life and death.

Now she was Allie the Outcast, on her way to battle the McGill.  Kids would tell her story, whatever that story might be.  This was no longer just a mission; it was a quest.  And she was ready.

Shusterman’s Skinjacker trilogy is one of my all-time favorite series.  I tend to be picky about declaring favorites, so please excuse me while I gush about how much I love this book.  Among the things I love about this book:

The characters: I love Allie’s spunk.  I love Nick’s conflicting emotions.  I love Mary’s self-righteousness.  And above all, I absolutely love the complexity of The McGill, who has to be one of my all-time favorite villains.  Good guys who aren’t entirely good… bad guys who aren’t entirely bad (or at least don’t think they are), and a bunch of minor characters with personalities and quirks and intricacies of their own.

The world:  Everlost is one of those places that you can’t stop thinking about, even when the book is closed.  It’s a world so intricately entwined with our own, and which has been so well thought-out and carefully and logically constructed that you could almost believe it might really exist.

The whimsy:  I love how Shusterman makes what might have become a very serious, dark, or even creepy topic and puts a creative, magical spin on it.  Whereas his Unwind series (which I also love) contains little that could be described as funny or lighthearted, this series contains just enough sprinkling of the absurd and silly to keep it fun.

Overall:  Well-written, clever, engaging, and fun.

Other books in the series:
Everwild (Skinjacker, #2) Everfound (Skinjacker, #3)


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4 responses to “Everlost”

  1. gargoylebruce says :

    I loved this book and was devastated when I discovered the Brisbane library service doesn’t stock Everwild…but then, yesterday, (yes, just yesterday!), I was browsing through Booktopia’s Christmas in July sale, and there was Everwild for…..wait for it…..$1.75!!! And now I’ve just checked my order and it turns out I’ve accidentally ordered two of it! Happy endings all round, hey?

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