Everwild by Neal Shusterman
The Skinjackers Trilogy #2

Pub: 2009

5 of 5 stars

Allie the Outcast and Nick “The Chocolate Ogre”‘s adventures in Everlost continue as Allie searches for her family and Nick continues his quest to help Everlost’s children get to the afterlife.

“In Everlost, just as in the living world, there are those who put their own selfish desires ahead of that which is clearly and obviously right… [S]uch enemies of virtue will eventually destroy themselves if left to their own devices.  Although occasionally some assistance may be required.”

All of the things to love about Everlost hold true in its sequel as well.  Allie, Nick, the McGill, and Mary Hightower all return in this story, as well as various new characters who are every bit as unique and interesting: Jackin’ Jill, Pudgy Capone, Zach the Ripper, and a very proper young Russian immigrant named Milos.

The world-building continues as we learn more and more about Everlost and its inhabitants, as well as the complicated crossovers between Everlost and the “living world.”  Though things do not end up entirely resolved at the end, there is a major turning point that occurs which changes everything and which ends up being a fine breaking point for the series.  Just be sure to pick up the third one before you get to the end of Everwild, because you’ll want to keep reading right away.


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