Into the Whirlwind


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Into the Whirlwind by Elizabeth Camden

4 of 5 stars

Mollie Knox must rebuild her family’s watch company after the Great Chicago Fire as two men fight for her affection.

The next hours would always be a blur in Mollie’s memory.  The water was too cold to stand in for any length of time.  Teeth chattering, standing in the water up to her waist, she watched her city burn… By this time tomorrow, the prettiest waterfront in America would be a  burned-over wasteland.

There are certain times and places in American history that never fail to interest me, and the Great Chicago Fire era is one of those settings.  This historical Christian romance really does sweep the reader up into the whirlwind as the main characters battle for their lives, for the businesses that they’ve built, the reputations which they’ve developed, and the people whom they love.  There is so much going on in this book, from the historical background of what’s going on in Chicago at the time, to the rise of industrialization and the assembly line, from moral questions about business dealings, to national pride and the pride of veterans.  Though a lot is going on throughout, it all weaves together cohesively.

I don’t know that I was completely sold on the romance aspect of this book — it was a bit too Gone With the Wind for my tastes, with a back and forth love/hate relationship based on misunderstandings and hurt feelings.  By the end, I was rooting for them, but for a long while there, I wondered if the main characters might actually be better off without each other.

Overall:  Highly recommended for fans of Christian historical romance… well-researched and entertaining


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