The Ghost Bride

TLCBookToursGhostThe Ghost Bride by Yangsze Choo

Pub: Aug 6, 2013

4 of 5 stars

After being haunted by the ghost of a suitor, Li Lan enters the eerie, parallel-world of the Chinese afterlife.

The Lin family.  All paths led back to their door.  Our destinies seemed darkly tangled, and for the first time I considered the burden of the Buddhist Wheel of reincarnation.  Groaning beneath its weight, individual lives were forced to play out a farce time and time again.

With an eerie, dreamlike feel, this book explores the traditional Chinese beliefs about the afterlife in a way that is rather fascinating.  I enjoyed learning something new about this unfamiliar culture, and appreciated how, even though it was very literary and beautifully written, this story’s plot was intricate and paced well enough to keep me wanting to flip page after page.

There were a few places where the narration seemed a bit stilted because of lengthy explanations of some of the cultural references.

Also, I’m still a bit conflicted about the ending, but I’m sure most people will be more than satisfied with it.  Let’s just say, I was hoping for something a bit different beneath the hat 😉

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