Star Wars: Jedi Academy

Star Wars Jedi

NEW this week…

Star Wars: Jedi Academy by Jeffrey Brown

4 of 5 stars

This graphic novel for middle grade students follows Roan’s first year at Jedi Academy, where he learns to use the force, build light sabers, and deal with the everyday struggles of middle school.

Dedicated to learning, the Jedi is, hm?  Many classes must he take.  Many tests.  Yes, many tests…

I delved into this book not realizing that it was a graphic novel — comprised of a journal/scrapbook of Roan’s first year at Jedi Academy, including comics, drawings, notes, and articles from his school newspaper that together tell the story of the new kid and how he adapts to this unique school.  The whole thing rang very true to middle school — at least what I remember of middle school.  This book will be an excellent choice for reluctant boy readers!

That being said, I do wish it had been in color!  And the plot was rather ‘light’ for non-middle school readers… it really is one of those books that you have to be that age to really truly appreciate.

Overall:  Fun illustrations, great mix of Star Wars fun and real life middle school



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