Jake Reinvented

JakeJake, Reinvented by Gordon Korman

Pub: 2005

3 of 5 stars

Everyone wants to be friends with the mysterious new kid that throws huge parties, but he seems to only have eyes for one girl, whom he used to know.

I mean, this was Jake Garrett, the guy who appeared out of nowhere and plastered his name onto the lips of every kid at Fitz… Jake was something that nobody had seen before or ever expected — cool, mysterious, different.

This YA novel takes the basic storyline of The Great Gatsby and places it within the confines of a modern-day high school, with Daisy (Didi) as the quarterback’s girlfriend and Jay (Jake) as the new kid who appears out of nowhere, but throws such good parties that he becomes an instant celebrity.  I thought this twist-on-a-classic was clever and kept true to the story even in the strange setting.  I also kind of enjoyed the unique twist on the Nick (Rick) and Jordan (Jennifer) subplot, in which the author takes the story in a bit of a different direction than the original.

Heads up: Jake’s parties feature underage drinking/smoking, sex, and plenty of f-bombs.

Overall:  Clever reimagining of Gatsby’s story, told as a high school drama

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5 responses to “Jake Reinvented”

  1. ebookclassics says :

    Sounds like it could make an interesting TV show.

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