Weekend Ramblings: Classics Retold Week 3


It’s time for a weekly round-up of all the awesome things that have been going on with our Classics Retold project!

Take a peek at our #classicsretold hashtag!  Many bloggers have been posting here when they put up new reviews and articles.

Also, check out the Classics Retold Challenge, posted by Alison at The Cheap Reader:

classics retold challenge

What are my answers?

Day 1 – My favorite version of The Great Gatsby was the original.  I’m such a sucker for F.Scott Fitzgerald and his writing style.

Day 2 – The most creative version was Jake, Reinvented.  Picturing Gatsby as a high school student made for some interesting situations and clever parallels to modern life.

Day 3 – Common themes in all version of Gatsby are wealth vs poverty, concern with how the world views you, and the lengths to which someone would go in order to be ‘happy’

Day 4 – I’ve learned more about a fascinating era in history (Roaring 20s!), as well as more about F.Scott Fitzgerald himself, his life, and the struggles he faced as a writer.  As someone interested in writing myself, I found it interesting reading about how Gatsby and Fitzgerald’s other stories were received at the time, and how many of that era didn’t see their value.

Day 5 – I’m still looking for a copy of The Gatsby Game.  It looked fascinating!  I’m also really looking forward to Great by Sara Benincasa, coming out in April.


Day 6 – If you’re going to read/watch one adaptation, I would recommend Baz Luhrmann’s new movie version.  The cinematography is fabulous, and I think it really does justice to the book.

IN THE American/Misc Category THIS WEEK… (click book for link)

. GastbysGirl Tender .

 THIS WEEKEND, I’M ALSO FEATURING THE CLASSICS RETOLD 19th CENTURY & GOTHIC RETELLINGS (hosted by Bookish Whimsy) from this week… (click book for link)

. Persuasion Pride eyre treasure.

. lost bride invisible morlock.

.  .


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2 responses to “Weekend Ramblings: Classics Retold Week 3”

  1. ebookclassics says :

    Great summary of all the Gatsby adaptations! I wasn’t a fan of the original book, but that was years ago and I’m due for a re-read. The new movie looks fantastic too! If at least for all the glitz and glamour.

  2. Angie says :

    So glad there is a list of the American Classics participants!

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