The Eye of Minds


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The Eye of Minds by James Dashner

3 of 5 stars

When a gamer starts holding people hostage in the virtual world of VirtNet, Michael and his hacker friends are called upon to break through his firewall and bring him to justice.

He didn’t know how he could possibly fulfill the challenge the VNS had given him.  Shooting aliens, rescuing princesses from goblins, dealing with Lifeblood’s day-to-day drama, then Lifting out of it all to do homework seemed just fine — and Bryson and Sarah would always be there in the Sleep to do it with him.  He’d just go back to his normal, boring life.  He never wanted to cross paths with Kaine again.

Yes, this book does have nearly the exact same premise as Ready Player One – in fact, that’s why it intrigued me.  A virtual world full of gamers ‘living’ their lives in alternate realities has so many infinite possibilities.  In this book as well, the main character is sent on an epic adventure through a series of virtual worlds in which he and his friends have to use their hacking skills, problem-solving, and courage in order to ‘win.’  So yes, if you liked Ready Player One, you may very well enjoy this one as well.  This could have counted against it, but the resolution takes an unexpected twist that really sets it apart, and which will undoubtedly steer the rest of the series in a completely different direction.

Though the content is somewhat violent and gory in parts, it reads in parts like a MG novel rather than a YA, with sections of telling — (i.e. “they talked about this… they decided this…”) rather than showing, and kind of ridiculous jokes.  Plus, the main characters were convinced far too easily to go up against the bad guy — I’m not sure how many teens would be convinced if their online friends told them that the government asked them to hack into their programs to go after a baddie, but it made them seem a bit gullible.

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