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Teardrop by Lauren Kate

2 of 5 stars

After her mother’s death, Eureka is left with a mysterious book, a thunderstone, a locket, and questions about what really happened and who is the strange boy who has been watching her and protecting her since then.

Ander had a choice: fulfill his obligation to his family or– No.  The choice was simpler than that: save the world, or save the girl.

The premise of a girl whose tears have the power to drown an entire continent, and a tie-in with Atlantis sounded really neat.  Unfortunately, it takes Eureka over 300 pages to figure out what the reader is told on the summary on the back of the book.  *sigh*

This sets the entire rest of the novel up as, well, a set-up.  We find out about the angsty PSTD-ridden Eureka.  We hear a lot about her best guy friend who then, after one scene with Eureka, starts taking on an entirely different personality, which then Eureka must explain to us is totally out of the ordinary for him, because, of course, we’ve only had one scene with “normal” best guy friend.  And there’s a mysterious new guy.  And mysterious artifacts.  And we only start to get any answers in the last fifty pages.

Overall: A very long set-up for the series, ending in more questions than answers.


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2 responses to “Teardrop”

  1. bookgeeking says :

    Sorry you did not enjoy this book, I am reading after I finish the one I am currently reading. Hoping I enjoy it okay now.

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