How to Land (and Keep) a Literary Agent

HowToLandHow to Land (and Keep) a Literary Agent by Noah Lukeman

Pub: 2008

4 stars

An informative look at the querying process, and what happens when an agent offers representation and afterward.

There do indeed exist many incredibly talented authors who will never get published, for the sole reason that they do not know how to approach the industry in the right way.

Available (for FREE!) at, this short book outlines the need for literary agents, a huge list of resources for querying writers, how to tell if an agent is reputable, how to query agents, and what to do before, when, and after an agent offers representation.  Though most (probably all) of this information is available online on various writing sites and blogs, it’s great to have comprehensive resource like this, which any aspiring writer should consider a must-read.

My only warning for authors is that in the past five years, some things have changed in the publishing industry, and to double-check agent websites to see specifically HOW they want to be queried, and to check out sites like for guidelines on writing queries, as some of the information in this book has changed in recent years or may simply be the personal preference of the book’s author.


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