Period 8


Period 8 by Chris Crutcher

Pub: 2013

The students in period 8 study hall face the disappearance of one of their peers and the lies and secrets that surround her.

Opening line:

Near midnight Paulie Bomb pulls his VW Beetle onto the shoulder of Ridgeview Drive and kills the engine.

Completely, totally not for me.

I almost put this one down a couple times,  but kept picking it up, thinking that maybe it was going to pull something off at the end that would make you go “ooooh, I get it.” It didn’t. Fact is, I just didn’t ‘get’ this book.

From long-distance swimming in near-freezing water, to extremely blunt talk to an almost-retired teacher who’s everyone’s BFF, to a really weird, bizarre sex trafficking conspiracy, there just wasn’t much for me to relate to. Even the dialogue seemed to be just trying too hard. Also, the suspense was a bit of a letdown, as with the multi-POVs, it was easy to figure out what had happened long before the characters did.

Heads up: Language, sex, drugs


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