Nightmare by Robin Parrish

Pub: 2010

The daughter of renown paranormal investigators goes looking for answers after seeing her missing friend’s face in a amusement park haunted house.

Opening line:

Doesn’t matter who you are or what you believe. Everybody has a ghost story.

This book was different than what I had expected, and in some ways, that was neat. The even-numbered chapters follow the main character Maia and her friend Jordin as they investigate various haunted real-life locations around the United States, which I found interesting (though I’d also already read a lot about these places from other sources). The odd-numbered ‘present-day’ chapters follow Maia and Jordin’s pastor-in-training-boyfriend as they try to figure out what happened to her. Let’s just say, it gets rather sci-fi and way weirder than I had expected.

Maia, as a narrator, was a bit hard to love. As someone exposed to the paranormal her whole life, she was a bit of a know-it-all and I didn’t really buy into her motivations for her actions. The ending, like I said, got a little weird, but I thought it was an interesting book that brought out some good thinking points about angels and demons, ghosts, and the paranormal.


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