Invisibility by David Levithan & Andrea Cremer

Pub: May 2013

A boy who has been invisible his whole life meets the one person who can see him, who can–he hopes–help him break his curse.

Opening line:

I was born invisible.

The first part of this book was just like I’d hoped and expected–the convoluted life of an invisible boy, the struggles to simply exist, and the awakening that comes when he finally finds someone who can see him. It was such a neat premise, and I loved how the authors worked it out so that it seemed truly plausible.

And then it got not so plausible. The secret underground world of spellseers and cursecasters took it beyond realistic fantasy (is that a thing?) to straightup paranormal. As far as paranormal goes, it was a fine story, but the latter section focused so much more heavily on the spellseeing ability than Stephen’s invisibility that for a lot of it, you tended to forget that he even was invisible (there was even a part that another character was glaring at him–glaring towards him is probably more like it). Also, I’m still not quite sure what I think about the ending.


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