The Elite


The Elite (The Selection #2) by Kiera Cass

Pub: 2013

Of the 36 girls invited to the palace to compete for the prince’s heart, only six remain, and America struggles with questions of whom she loves and where she belongs.

Opening lines:

The Angeles air was quiet, and for a while I lay still, listening to the sound of Maxon’s breathing. It was getting harder and harder to catch him in a truly calm and happy moment, and I soaked up the time, grateful that he seemed to be at his best when he and I were alone.

What better weekend to get absorbed in a YA love-triangle romance than Valentine’s? If nothing else, it made me appreciate being in a secure, committed relationship and NOT having to worry about any third (or fourth) person in the equation. Yeeesh.

What I liked: I did like that we got a bit more world-building in the sequel, got to learn a bit about what came to pass to get the country to that point.

What I didn’t like: Um… the characters?

So, our main character tells the prince that she likes him. You know, likes him likes him. What does he do? IGNORES HER for the next two weeks while spending time w/ the other girls! No, no, no, no.

So, (slightly spoilery) one of the girls gets kicked out and physically punished for the treason of being caught secretly meeting with another guy while part of the Selection. So what does Aspen do? Almost IMMEDIATELY arranges for America to come meet him in secret so they can talk about it! No, no, no, no.

And these are the options that America spends 80% of the book going back and forth about. Every time Maxon does something she doesn’t like, she runs to Aspen. Every time Maxon does something she DOES like, she completely forgets about Aspen. And then she has the gall to get mad at Maxon for kissing someone else when she’s been doing the same thing w/ Aspen the whole time. Seriously, Maxon, pick someone else… America has some major growing up to do before she’s ready to be anyone’s wife.

Heads up: Some [non-graphic] violence

Overall: If you’re a fan of love triangles, this book’s for you.


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