Kristy’s Great Idea

Kirsty'sKristy’s Great Idea by Ann M. Martin
The Baby-Sitters Club #1

Pub: 1986

Kristy and her best friends form a baby-sitting club to make some money and help out the parents in their neighborhood.

Opening lines:
The Baby-sitters Club. I’m proud to say it was totally my idea, even though the four of us worked it out together. “Us” is Mary Anne Spier, Claudia Kishi, Stacey McGill, and me — Kristy Thomas.

My local public library recently got a bunch of BSC ebooks, and when I saw them, I just had to borrow a few. What better way to relive my childhood? I think the strangest thing about it was that I distinctly remember thinking that the 7th-grader BSC members were so old and mature, and now, reading the same book, that seems so laughable. Oh, third-grade me… you were so funny.

What I liked: Oh, goodness… the fashion descriptions will probably start getting to me if I re-read more of the series, but at this point, they’re just rather hilarious. I remember having my own pair of dangly skeleton earrings, just like Claudia! It’s clean, light-hearted fun, though it also deals with some pre-teen/teen issues (parents divorcing/remarrying, independence and responsibilities, arguments w/ friends, etc) without being too in-your-face about it.

What I didn’t like: The writing isn’t particularly fabulous. There were a few parts where I would have liked to go at some of the adverbs with a red pen, and some of the dialogue was laughably unrealistic. I remember now how much I HATED the intentional spelling errors in the journal entries (especially Claudia’s). The rest of my complaints (such as the predictability of the plot) I can chalk up to the fact that these really are intended for a young audience.


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