The Heiresses



The Heiresses by Sara Shepard

Pub: May 20, 2014

A group of cousins — the wealthy heiresses of a diamond company — uncovers family secrets which cause the death of one of them.

Opening lines:

On a late April morning, as rain smeared the windowpanes, washed the dirt off the sidewalks, and slowed traffic on every block in New York City, twenty-seven-year-old Corinne Saybrook stood barefoot in a dressing room, talking on her cell phone in clipped, precise Turkish.

I’ll admit — I’ve caught a few episodes of Pretty Little Liars, and while I never really followed it enough to have any idea what was going on, the crazy, mysterious premise made me interested to see what the author would do with an adult novel set among the elite rich of New York.

What I liked: The first half of the book set up a really interesting mystery. There’s hints that the mysterious death early on in the novel is linked to other family secrets, and each of the heiresses that the story follows knows only parts of the real story. Because of that, they each have their own suspicions, and it’s interesting to see how each of their ideas would be plausible, and how they manage to piece together the truth.

What I didn’t like: TONS of characters are introduced early on, and for the first hundred pages or so, I had trouble keeping them straight, especially Rowan and Corinne. Also, the first half is really intense, but the second half doesn’t keep the momentum going — there’s just a lot of talking out feelings and hypothesizing and remembering things that had happened years ago. Also, was there anyone in the whole novel that wasn’t sleeping around?

Heads up: Sex, violence, some language


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