Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls

ClaudiaClaudia and the Phantom Phone Calls by Ann M Martin
The Baby-Sitters Club #2

Pub: 1986

Claudia and the other baby-sitters receive mysterious phone calls while they’re at their jobs and think it might be a local jewel thief.

The evening was gloomy and windy, with rain streaming down from heavy clouds that blocked the moon.

I enjoyed reading the first Babysitters Club book so much that I grabbed the second right away. I was surprised at how much of the plot of this one I remembered so many years later.

What I liked: Though Claudia was never my favorite Babysitter (I couldn’t stand how she misspelled stuff in her journal entries and her sister Janine was the most awful character in the series), I found this book pretty enjoyable, or at least a quick, entertaining evening read.

What I didn’t like: Kristy’s line about “Now hear this! No running, no yelling, no jumping – and I mean it. One false move, and I’ll punch your lights out.” Um… what??

Also, the whole plot — besides being extremely outdated (HELLO CELL PHONES AND CALLER ID!) was really cheesy. The synopsis on Goodreads claims that Claudia “investigates” this mystery, but she doesn’t really. They hear weird noises, see someone outside, and call the police. There’s nothing wrong with that, except that it didn’t make for a very exciting “investigation.”


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