The Death of Lucy Kyte


DeathThe Death of Lucy Kyte by Nicola Upson

 Pub: Jun 10, 2014

British mystery author Josephine Tey investigates at the Red Barn Cottage, the site of an infamous historical murder.


While I loved the concept of taking historical events and real-life people and working them into a fictional novel, this is one case where it just didn’t work out to be the right book for me. The combination of literary and mystery styles I found to be too drawn-out for my tastes, and it took too long to get to the actual mystery (or, to know what it was that even was the mystery). I also found it initially difficult to keep track of who was who in Josephine’s world, especially with the character names Maria and Marta being so similar. This may have just been because I hadn’t read the other Josephine Tey books prior to this one. I also had a difficult time placing the era of this story — there were small clues to indicate that this wasn’t happening during the present-time, but I had to really read carefully to determine what decade this story took place in.

If you’re interested in an atmospheric historical mystery and you enjoy books on the more literary end of the spectrum, this is definitely an intriguing story with some beautiful prose that many readers may enjoy.


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