Thin Ice


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Thin Ice by Nick Wilkshire

When a pro skater’s body is found in Ottawa’s Rideau Canal, Jack Smith must find the murderer among the growing list of suspects who had motive to harm him.

Opening lines:

Jack Smith sat on his balcony in the warm morning air, sipping his coffee and trying to ignore the little voice telling him to head down to the corner store for a pack of cigarettes.

Ottawa, Ontario is one of my favorite cities and, feeling in the mood for a good mystery, Thin Ice seemed like a perfect choice for me.

What I liked: The story grew in complexity throughout the book, with plenty of suspects and red herrings to consider. It was a quick read, a great book for those that enjoy the genre. Plus, Ottawa!

What I didn’t like: Though there was one twist that I wasn’t expecting, the investigation and the characters seemed a bit stereotypical: the young, attractive cop… his older, family-man partner… the “one that got away” ex-girlfriend… a final showdown with the baddie in with help arriving at the nick of time.

Overall: A good mystery for folks that love a mystery, but follows the tropes too closely for my tastes.


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