Review Policies

*Books categorized as “ARC” are review copies which I received either from the publisher, author, or other promotional outlet.  I never accept monetary compensation for my reviews, and each review expresses only my own thoughts an opinions on each title.

Updated 3/30/2013 –
Though in the past I have accepted review requests from authors and publishers, I am currently so behind on my personal “to-read” list, and have found it hard to keep up on the number of requests coming in, so I am not accepting unsolicited review requests for the time being.  I’ll be sure to update here if the policy changes.

My rating system:

I tend to rate books using a modified version of’s system.

  • 1 star = I did not enjoy this book and would not recommend it.
  • 2 stars = It was okay.  Some people may enjoy these ones, but I was disappointed in them.
  • 3 stars = I liked it.  These are books that have entertainment value, but I probably wouldn’t pass on to friends unless I knew they would suit their interests or tastes.
  • 4 stars = I really liked it.  These are books that I enjoyed reading and would pass on to friends.
  • 5 stars = Amazing.  These are books that I would recommend to anyone, that I would re-read once a year, that I think should be required reading, that I’d consider an all-time favorite, and that I will be first in line to buy the author’s next book.  As you may have guessed, these are few and far between.

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